Zuck Is Trolling Winklevoss Twins with Libra

Could we only say one thing? How crazy is it Mark Zuckerberg starts Libra right following the Winklevoss twins launching Gemini? Do you think that is a coincidence? Can it be the greatest troll going on ?”

It is indisputable that Facebook’s usage of Astrology to mention his digital money is a strategy that bears a remarkable resemblance to that obtained by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss due to their crypto exchange Gemini. The Gemini sign not just comes in the calendar but the market arrived on the scene at 2014 until Libra was a twinkling in the eye of Zuckerberg.

Libra an Onramp into Bitcoin

In the long run, the joke might be on Zuckerberg. Though Facebook’s wallet does not encourage bitcoin, it might spark their curiosity about digital monies and lead them farther.

Mezrich stated:

“Everyone along with your mom will have an pocket. . .The frightening part about Libra, naturally, is the fact that it is this company that none of us hope to maintain our photos anymore is currently likely to hold all our money”

According to answers to this Mezrich interview websites agrees that Facebook should not be trusted with information. One of the followers of the author summed it

“The question ought to be framed as,”Can you anticipate Facebook to maintain your own personal financial transaction(s) safe and private?” I’d bet all of the gold bullion in Fort Knox that many Americans are wary knowing Facebook’s tenuous grip on the concepts of recent decades ”

Truth is the questionable behaviour of Zuckerberg. Ask Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

One thing is certain. Crypto Twitter has a good deal of fun at the expense of mainstream companies seeking to capitalize on the bitcoin trend with their particular variants of digital currencies like Libra.


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