YouTube Claims The Crypto-Ban Was an Error: Affected Videos Getting Restored

The many talked-about information from the cryptocurrency community in the past couple of days came in the most significant video giant, Youtube.

Without previous note, the giant began removing and banning crypto-related videos because of “harmful” content. Still, based on YouTube, it is not a crypto ban, instead a ‘mistake’, and that which ought to be restored.

Youtube’s Reasoning Behind The Crypto Purge

As CryptoPotato reported 2 weeks before, YouTube began marking cryptocurrency-related channels. Among the channels obtained influenced were Chris Dunn TV, The Moon, Crypto Zombie, Ivan on Tech, and Nugget’s News. All of that are one of the very popular crypto channels.

While some got penalized or ‘struck,’ so they can not publish any fresh content for seven days, others obtained their videos eliminated from the video stage.

The scenario continued to escalate over the following day and also obtained an unofficial title — Youtube’s crypto purge. With numerous influenced influencers, the neighborhood began speculating on various potential theories about why this might be occurring.

Even however Youtube did not supply an official excuse at first, a few people believed that it is attempting to censor the neighborhood by banning Bitcoin and other digital assets.

However, following long anticipation, YouTube eventually reacted to the situation: “This was an error on our side during the review process – your video should be reinstated and strikes resolved.”, according into YouTube’s official Twitter account.

Crypto Videos (Not Yet) Been Restored

Following YouTube’s official reply, the channels are gradually recovering. While some YouTubers admit that their videos are becoming restored, others stated their videos are still lacking.

Chris Dunn was likely the first influenced crypto influencer, with videos eliminated because of “harmful or dangerous content.” Now, he acknowledges the potential change of heart in the Google-possessed platform, saying a few of his videos are revived, but dozens more are still lacking, as of writing these lines.

Concluding this bizarre event, you will find a few leftover questions. The main one is if this action was made on purpose, by a few YouTube worker who does not really enjoy Bitcoin.

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