Trump Administration’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

Left, Right, Central, Economic, Fake, CNN, whatever sort of site that you open or TV station you turn on, there is always something bad or good about Trump. Though he started Trumpcoin to help raise capital for his election promises his position on crypto remains mostly unfamiliar to many.

Cryptocurrencies have gained an unbelievable growth in popularity and use through the last few years and it is important to understand of every nation’s perspectives towards the topic. There have been numerous rumors connecting the Trump government to an expected cryptocurrency ban.

While Bannon was dismissed from the White House at August 2017, he had been quite vocal about how the monetary elite enslave the masses.

He explained:

“We take charge of the banks off. That’ll provide us the ability again… After you take charge of your money, your information and your citizenship, so that is when you will have true liberty.”

Another ex-member of this Trump administration talked highly of blockchain technology.

He stayed very optimistic concerning the near future of blockchain engineering and cryptocurrency.

Cohn said:

“We are going to have international cryptocurrency sooner or later.”

He explained in detail a international cryptocurrency won’t be burdened with power-hungry mechanics like bitcoin along with other monies. No mining and power prices will change the futuristic idea. He concludes by highlighting the need for a speedy and effortless comprehension and motion of the money.

On July 11th, Trump signed an executive order to get a group tasked with the analysis of electronic money fraud.

The task force will be constructed inside the Department of Justice and will explore crimes of fraud perpetrated against the government or the public. The task force may also concentrate on financial and consumer markets. The biggest culprits that are tracked the most would be the ever so common pump and dump schemes between ICO’s.

If we take a look at the remarks of this ex-members of this Trump Administration and unite them with the increasing cryptocurrency popularity, it is safe to say things are looking positive. Trump’s opinion is not as clear and outspoken, but in time a stronger and more instantaneous position is going to need to be obtained by POTUS to deal with this international phenomenon.


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