Tezos Price Analysis: Below $1. 50, XTZ Worst Perfoming Top 10 Cryptocurrency Over The Last Week

  • Tezos dropped by a steep 10per cent this week, making it the weakest performing altcoin in their finest 10 jobs.
  • Against Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency remains above strong support. 0002 BTC.
  • Tezos nonetheless has jumped by a total of 42% over the past 3 months as it increases into the 10th ranked position.

Key Support & Resistance Levels


Support:  $1. ) 50, $1. 42, $1. 29.

Resistance: $1. 64, $1. 80, $1. 88.


Support: 0. 000189 BTC, 0. 00018 BTC, 0. 000167 BTC.

Resistance: 0. 00022 BTC, 0. 00025 BTC, 0. 000262 BTC. .

XTZ/USD: Tezos Finds Strong Support At $1. ) 50

Tezos continued to fall below the service from the 1. 60 level after rolling in the opposition at $1. 80. The cryptocurrency continued to fall till service has been achieved at $1. 50, as well as the bulls started to defend the area. 

Tezos is now about the bearish floor after falling using a total of 18% over the past 12 days. If the sellers would continue to push Tezos under $1. 50, the bearish trend would continue further decreased. Alternatively, to turn bullish, it must raise and shut over the 1. 80 resistance degree. 

Tezos Short Term Price Prediction

If the bearish pressure persists and XTZ drops under $1. 50, initial service is located at $1. 42 (. 382 Fib Retracement) and $1. 29 (.5 FIb Retracement). Beneath that, additional service is situated at $1. 24 (100-occasions EMA) and $1. ) 15 (. 618 Fib Retracement and 200-instances EMA). On the other hand, if the buyers protect the 1. 50 place and push, a first immunity is located at $1. 64, $1. 74, and $1. 80. Beyond $1. 80, higher resistance is situated at $1. 88 and $2. 00.

The RSI has shrunk beneath the 50 sum for first time in 2 months which demonstrates the sellers have begun to take control over the market momentum. However, the Stochastic RSI is trading within overbought nations as we wait patiently to acquire a bullish crossover signal to supply the market greater.


Against BTC, respectively Tezos failed to rise over the immunity at the 0. 00025 BTC level, causing it to roll over and fall. It fell under 0. 00020 BTC to seek outside support. 000193 BTC — where the sector rebounded.

If the sellers were able to push Tezos farther under the service from the 0. 000193 BTC level, then it might be considered a market. Alternatively, to turn bullish, it must raise and break above the resistance at 0. 00025 BTC.

Tezos Short Term Price Prediction

If the purchasers work out how to allow Tezos to grow greater from this discipline of assistance, an initial resistance is located at 0. 00022 BTC and 0. 00025 BTC (bearish . 886 Fibonacci Retracement level ). Above that, resistance is situated. 000262 BTC 0. 000271 BTC, and 0. 00028 BTC. On the other hand, if the purchase pushes XTZ below the service 0. 000193, additional aid can be found in 0. 000189 BTC, 0. 00018 BTC, and 0. 000167 BTC.

Similarly, the Stochastic RSI is trading in extreme conditions because we wait patiently to acquire a bullish crossover signal to supply the market greater.

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