John McAfee: Bitcoin Is Ancient Technology, As Ford Model T For Cars

American entrepreneur and contentious crypto figure John McAfee, that predicted that Bitcoin will be appreciated at $1 million from the end of 2020, has publicly lashed out to the leading cryptocurrency, talking about it as a early technology due to many limitations. This comes as a blow off, believing he had been one of the largest promoters of all Bitcoin and crypto generally during the past couple of decades.

McAfee considers being the very first blockchain to exist doesn’t create Bitcoin that the “future.” In his view, you can find newer blockchains with improved features that resolve the defects of this Bitcoin blockchain, in the same way the Ford Model T car of 1908 has been substituted with more complex automobiles.

The 74 years computer developer and billionaire has always been an advocate of decentralization and solitude. In reality, he’s spent a lot of time on the run whilst preaching against central government like authorities, and therefore, solitude is a significant concern for him, one of those characteristics he considers bitcoin lacks.

“Bitcoin was first. It’s ancient technology. All know it. Newer blockchains have privacy, smart contracts, distributed apps, and more,” McAfee stated in a tweet.

This isn’t the first time McAfee has called bitcoin outdated. In a meeting Cryptopotato from past October, he claimed the exact same opinion regarding the initial cryptocurrency.

McAfee maintained that Bitcoin is just very good at being a store of value and cryptocurrency, and not anything more.  Besides, McAfee called the neighborhood to devote their bitcoins; differently, adoption will not come true.

Ford Model T. Image by Amazon

Bitcoin at $1 Million? Only a Ruse

McAfee is famed because of his outrageous prediction that Bitcoin’s worth would reach $1 million from the end of the season. He went on to put a bet he would eat his personal role on national TV when the forecast doesn’t come true, and lots of crypto fans are eagerly awaiting for the event to take place in another 12 weeks.

Although McAfee had stood strongly by his forecast on several events, such as our meeting with him from current October, he explained now that the $1 million bitcoin cost forecast was just a trick to pull in more individuals to the crypto distance.

“Eat my dick in 12 months? A ruse to onboard new users. It worked,” he explained in this respect.

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