Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert


The blockchain technology is one of the most disruptive technologies on the market. As more money flows into this area, the demand for jobs will invariably grow. If you are thinking about getting into this space, then now is the time which you need to do everything in power to train yourself in the essential skill set. The first logical step that you take is to become certified in some area of this blockchain technology. In this guide, we’re going to tell you why you should pick certification over levels and what are the advantages of doing this.


Why Certifications Over Degrees?

So, why should you go for certifications over a standard degree? Surely a degree ought to be perfect for getting a high-paying job in the area right? Well, not always. There are several reasons why certifications maybe better than degrees:


An ordinary certificate class may last from anywhere around 4 months to 2 decades. Sometimes, it can be even shorter than that. A level, on the other hand, will continue a minimum of two decades. Additionally, this doesn’t even factor in the amount of time you’ll need to spend in lectures, doing missions, etc.. A certification is a good deal more time-efficient compared to lectures.

Certifications are a good deal more readily available. To have a degree, you might need to modify your geographical location, join courses and adhere to the university schedule. Certifications, on the other hand, can be done at home and the tests can be obtained online from anywhere.

Since certificates last for a shorter time, they’re a good deal cheaper than degrees. Plus, do not forget the hidden costs of amounts. The accommodation, food, etc. can take up prices.

Certifications are more subject centric than levels. Eg. If you’re doing a certificate on C++ programming, then you’re only going to learn C++. However, if you’re doing a degree in Computer Science, then you might even have to take up Environmental Studies or Mathematics for a session.

Degrees are a great deal more age restrictive than certificates. Normally, individuals from all walks of life and age-groups can opt for certificates. Degrees on the otherhand aren’t that diversified in regards to age groups. People in their late teens to mid-20s opt for amounts.

Certifications are a good deal more universally recognized than levels. If you put in a legit certificate program like Microsoft’s or Cisco’s, it doesn’t matter where you do the certificate from. You can do a certificate from america or Angola, it will still carry the same weight. However, if you buy a college diploma from Angola, it may not be as valuable as a degree from america.

Modern businesses prefer skill over concept. Most degrees are theory-oriented while certificates are skill-oriented.

A certificate’s program is more precise and up-to-date than levels. The program of a university isn’t really updated that frequently while certifications don’t have any option but to be up-to-date as you can.

Finally, and most of all, you do not have to leave your job to take certification training. We know that a whole lot of our readers are working people and it’ll be difficult for them to leave everything and get to a college diploma program. On the other hand, it’s simpler to enter a certification program.

Ok, so now you understand why you need to choose certification over amounts, but this is where we come to our next stage. Why should you choose certification in the first place?


Benefits of certificate

Certifications can have an immediate impact on your livelihood by greatly multiplying your earning potential. According to The Washington Post, the amount of individuals who hold certification has improved appreciably. Below are a few of the figures: Nearly 51,000 individuals earned the credential in 2010, a 46 percent increase in five decades.

  1. A) For men, having certificate adds a 25 percent to their earnings


  1. B) For ladies, it’s a 13% addition to their earnings, but that is mostly because they’re in less specialized fields.


C ) Based on research from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, about 3% of the workforce i.e. 4 million employees have certificates.


Certifications will set you apart from rest of the pack. This gives you a substantial advantage over your competitors.

Certifications can allow you to upgrade your knowledge base and keep you up-to-date with the latest updates on your space.

Certifications will even help you construct professional credibility and standing.

Shows your superiors that you’re ready to train and get better continuously.

If you’re searching for a career change, then certificate on your preferred career option will set you on the right path.

Certification will also help you become a better leader and mentor. With the excess knowledge that you gain from certificates, it is going to help you better assess the abilities of others.

Hopefully, by this time, you have to have understood the value of certifications. If you are thinking about going into the blockchain area, then certification is the best way to get one foot to the crypto doorway. To facilitate this journey, we’re supplying the following accelerator classes. These accelerator programs have been made to make you an expert in your chosen subject in 5 months:


Ethereum Accelerated Developer Program

Blockchain For Business Accelerated Program (Non-Technical)

Smart Contract Security Accelerated Program

Hyperledger Accelerated Developer Program

Blockchain Regulations Accelerated Program

Ethereum Accelerated Developer Program

Program goals:

learn to make your own cryptocurrency

Have a comprehensive comprehension of Ethereum development, blockchain, and its own history

make and deploy wise contracts

Be job ready and have built relationships with business professionals

Blockchain For Business Accelerated Program (Non-Technical)

Program goals:

Learn about the many programs of blockchains, such as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)

Learn how blockchain can apply to the Retail, Finance and Healthcare businesses

Learn what to look for when selecting a blockchain programmer, consultant, or another type of expert

Architect an enterprise blockchain alternative for your business

Smart Contract Security Accelerated Program

Program aims:

Explore smart contract bases

Learn inner workings of high profile hacks

Learn Solidity (the language that runs Ethereum)

Master best practices to prevent blockchain security vulnerabilities

Hyperledger Accelerated Developer Program

Program details:

Be able to construct your own public blockchain project

Create your own blockchain”identity.”

Learn the essentials of establishing a personal blockchain network with Hyperledger Fabric

Construct a blockchain notary service API on Hyperledger Fabric which may be used to secure digital assets

Blockchain Regulations Accelerated Program

Program details:

Learn about regulatory issues most important to blockchain stakeholders, including service providers, token projects, programmers, exchanges, and investors.

Learn about the differences between security and network tokens, and what is next for both.

Learn about advice from key regulators and policymakers that each and every blockchain project has to know.

Let an insider teach you about the blockchain business ecosystem, the use of attorneys and operations people, and how to break into the business.

At the conclusion of each of those accelerator programs, you’ll be providing the”Blockdegree Examination”.


The Blockdegree Examination

If you’re reasonably well-educated in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, then you can choose the Blockdegree examination right off the bat. Passing this examination will make you a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer. If you are planning on taking this exam, then you need to know the following:


Principles of Bitcoin

Principles of Ethereum

Principles of DApp development

Principles of cryptoeconomics

So, why should you take this examination?


Students with the skills to pass this examination (90 Percent and higher) will be given a private non-fungible ERC-721 token which will identify them as a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer.

You’ll have access to an exclusive newsletter tailored to blockchain engineers. This can allow you to stay current with blockchain news, get access to webinars hosted by business professionals, and early bird discounted tickets to blockchain events globally.

The chances for making social networking connections as a Blockgeeks alumni is immense. You’ll be able to connect with people who are driven as you also are interested in exactly the exact same space.

Finally and most of all, you’ll gain a competitive advantage in a fast-growing business. Get assistance with job placement, career counselling and exclusive access to our hiring spouses.


Conclusion: Blockchain Certification

Before we continue, we have to provide you a disclaimer.


Because of the nature of our program, it won’t be acceptable for every applicant. Therefore not every applicant will be accepted to the program. We aren’t doing this to be mean, but we just need to save you time, money and frustrations. Therefore it’s strongly suggested that you have some previous programming principles, whether that is javascript, python, or something else.


So, having said this, you want to ask yourself, is this program for you?


If you’re fascinated by the blockchain area and want to construct a career in it, then this program is for you. We’ve put hours of work in curating these certificate classes while consulting several business experts. The objective of these classes is to assist individuals who have little to no knowledge about the blockchain and make them experts in under 5 months.


We feel that these programs are valuable investments and will help you make a very fulfilling and empowering professional career.


Let us get right to work. Here’s the class library. Go and select the accelerator program of your choice.



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