Bitcoin P2P Trading Volume in ATH at Venezuela And Argentina

Interest at cryptocurrencies( particularly bitcoin, in Latin America is rising as popular bitcoin Peer-to-Peer trading platform LocalBitcoins has been documenting enormous surges in its own weekly BTC trading quantity in Venezuela and Argentina. 

P2P Bitcoin Volume Spikes

Data from CoinDance, a crypto statistics stage, shows there has been a spike in trading actions on LocalBitcoins last week, also leading to a brand new all-time large from the weekly trading quantity of Bitcoin from the local currencies of Venezuela and Argentina. 

As much as 248 billion bolivars (program ) $24.8 million) was traded on LocalBitcoins in Venezuela between December 15 and December 21, that can be 18. 46percent more than that which had been traded from the prior week and approximately 20. 67% greater than the initial week of December.

LocalBitcoins Traded Volume Venezuela. Source:

Although that the trading quantity (BTC/ARS) at Argentina wasn’t as large as that of Venezuela (BTC/VEF), the growth was gigantic in comparison to what had been traded through the months earlier. From Dec 15 and Dec 21, over 32.6 million Argentine pesos (appx. $544,905) were traded on LocalBitcointherefore, which can be 51.6% spike in the week earlier. 

argentina localbitcoins
LocalBitcoins Traded Volume Argentina. Source:

What Caused The Spike? )

From the graphs above, the P2P trading volumes of Venezuela and Argentina have been climbing steadily as mid-year. The cause of this might be traced to the harsh economic situation in the area. 

Many Latin American nations, such as Venezuela and Argentina, are undergoing severe financial issues like the crash of the domestic currencies and food crisis, a scenario that’s not expected to change shortly, according to experts. 

Aside from this, Argentina can also be confronting political and social issues as a consequence of the stern methods which will be utilized to revive the market. Back at November, that the Central Bank of Argentina (BCA) issued a string of guidelines decreasing monthly spending limit to $200 in addition to forbidding the use of charge, debit, and prepaid cards to the purchase price of bitcoin.

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