Augur (REP) v2: The Veteran Forecasting Platform Launches a New Version For Betting On Cryptocurrencies

Augur, one of the biggest decentralized betting platforms, is preparing to start a brand new version of its merchandise. It will offer several noteworthy changes and enhancements for its own users, allowing them to set unique kinds of bets on cryptocurrencies. At exactly the exact same time, Augur’s native coin REP records a daily growth of nearly 7 percent.

Augur V2 To Arrive

Augur is a dApp constructed in addition to this Ethereum platform. It had a pre-sale back 2015, and it was able to raise over $5 million at the moment. Initially, it had been used as a forecast tool and also to function as a decentralized betting stage where consumers could bet on a lot of distinct topics.

The company recently announced the forthcoming Augur V2. Taking a fast glance in the new site, it is safe to presume that the company will likely be making any adjustments.

For example, the next variant is apparently a betting platform specifically for cryptocurrencies. It suggests that consumers are going to have the opportunity to bet on various cryptocurrency-related results. Such may comprise “Bitcoin’s opening price” and “Ethereum’s weekly trading range.”

So much, you will find several recorded coins — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash, and Augur’s REP. The website advises that more will be available also, but it does not specify which ones.

Augur V2 is allegedly going to provide an additional number of advantages. Among these are international access for consumers, enhanced rate on bet putting, no withdrawal charges, and trading prices of about 1 percent.

At that the time of this writing, the company hasn’t made clear when exactly the newest version will soon be online.

REP’s Price

As mentioned previously, REP is the indigenous coin of Augur, and in addition, it follows the present positive price movement one of many cryptocurrencies.

The new variant was declared yesterday, and at the past 24 hours REP has climbed with nearly 7 percent against USD to $10. Naturally, the market capitalization can be surging and is over $110 M right now, meaning REP is located at 43rd place.

REPUSD. Source:

REP’s cost was relatively calm over the past several months. It was ranging from a low of $8 to a high of 13 because September 2019. However, it is well worth noting that throughout the parabolic cost increase of 2017/2018, it listed a high of about $100. Since afterward, however, the cost has retraced with roughly 90%.

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